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Eye Test McKinney, TX

McKinney, TX, have you been in for your eye test his year? Many people aren’t aware of the importance of having an annual eye test. Here at Blink we have a two part test.

The first part involves Dr. Gaddis assessing whether or not your eyes need correction by figuring out your personal prescription. That’s the part of the eye test most patients are familiar with.

Many aren’t aware that there is a second, critical part of the eye test, determining the health of your eye. At Blink we can do that one of two ways. Patients can choose dilation drops, which expand the pupil of the eye allowing Dr. Gaddis to see to the back of the eye to assess the health.

Another option we offer during your eye test is called the Optomap. This is the latest and greatest in eye technology because no only does it offer an instant result with none of the side effects associated with dilation drops, it give Dr. Gaddis 85% MORE of the back of your eye to look at, and we are able to start a record that we can compare each year you get an eye test.

Plus, you get to see the back of your eye while Dr. Gaddis goes over all of the parts of the eye. You only have one set of eyes, why not get an eye test by a doctor who values not only giving you the prescription you need to see, but also the over all health of your eyes?

Call us today at (214) 865-6266 to schedule your appointment today or visit us online at to learn more. Here at Blink Eyecare we are vision driven and style inspired.

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