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Eye Exams Near Frisco, TX

What is one test you remember doing at your most recent eye exam? Some people remember having to “read the smallest line you can” while others remember the “which lens is more clear? One or two?” test. Every patient I come across, though, always remember that “puff of air” test. At Blink Eyecare near Frisco, TX, our eye exams don’t include the dreaded puff. Instead, we use the latest piece of technology, the Icare.

Our eye exam consists of two parts. Dr. Gaddis will assess your vision and, if necessary, give you a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. The second part consists of Dr. Gaddis thoroughly evaluating your eye health, which is where the Icare comes in. The pressure of the fluid inside of your eye is a key measurement to evaluate your eye health. High eye pressures can be a warning sign of glaucoma, an eye disease that can lead to blindness. One advantage of using the Icare is that it gives a much more accurate reading than the puff. This accuracy better screens for glaucoma, allowing for it to be caught and treated faster.

Not only is the Icare more accurate than the puff, it is much less invasive and much more comfortable for the patient. Rather than a burst of air directly at your eye, the Icare feels like a tickle on your eyelash but I find during most eye exams patients don’t feel it at all. The Icare is so gentle it is used on new born babies and even puppies! Parents of first time patients can feel more at ease knowing that their child is going to feel a “butterfly kiss” versus a puff of air into their eye.  Not only is the Icare advantageous for Dr. Gaddis, it ensures patient comfort.

If you’re ready to take the anxiety and anticipation out of your eye exam, call us today at (214) 865-6266 or visit us online at!

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