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Color Contacts McKinney, TX

Have you heard about the new make-up for your eyes?  The One a Day Acuvue Define lens just hit the market March 9, 2015.  This colored contact uses  the outer part of your iris, known as the limbus, to both enhance and brighten your look in turn making your eyes “pop” and look younger.

There are three colored contacts to choose from.  The Natural Sparkle which will brighten your eyes and is typically used for blue eyes. Shimmer will highlight and sharpen your eyes to make the more distinct typical for green or hazel eyes. Last but not least, is Shine that will enlarge and contrast your eyes to make a striking look.

What’s even better about these colored contacts is that they are healthy for your eyes!  They are daily disposable lenses that offer moist technology very similar to the One a Day Acuvue Moist lens.  In addition, their UV protection is the most advanced.  Now who does not want to put some sun screen on your eyes?

Any of these colored contacts  that we offer in Mckinney, TX would be ideal for a dinner date, party or for every day style.  This is truly like eye liner for your eyes.  These contacts are designed to just add that little sparkle that will make someone look and want to know what you did different to make your eyes shine or look younger.

If you would like a consult on how these colored contacts can improve your look call us today at 214-865-6266.  Our colored contact lens specialist can help you find the right look for your style.

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