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Prescription Glasses McKinney, TX

The need for prescription glasses is a universal need existing beyond the confines of the McKinney, TX city limits. OK, I think that was an obvious statement, but what may not be as understood is the need for prescription glasses that extends beyond just correcting for near or distance vision. What I mean by that is that glasses can be useful for more than just correcting your vision, they can also serve as a means of protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, objects, and discomfort.

Let’s consider working on the computer and/or cellphone, obvious eye-straining activities. Prescription glasses can be used to block harmful blue light that can cause damage to the eyes and create additional comfort while viewing the screen with the application of an anti-reflective coating.

If you suffer from migraines then guess what? Prescription glasses will work for you too! Rose-tinted glasses have been shown to increase comfort while suffering from a migraine. Prescription glasses can even help with some dyslexic and color-blind individuals! Going to the theater? 3-D prescription glasses really do exist!

Prescription glasses can protect your eyes from physical harm with the use of modern impact-resistant materials, such as polycarbonate and trivex. So next time the dog drags you down the street, your glasses may survive. And if not, you can always call us at 214-865-6266.

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