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Modo Eye Glasses Frisco TX

Are you looking for a new pair of glasses? Well then, Blink Eyecare is the place for you. With hundreds of glasses and many different designers, we are sure to have something for the whole family.

We understand that so many different types of glasses can get confusing, so we like to brake it down for you. So, with that said, lets talk about Modo Glasses.

Invented in Soho, New York in 1990 by Alessandro Lanaro, Modo is one of a few brands to be categorized as both a household and designer name. But this really isn’t a surprise do to the hundreds of glasses frames they make. Modo comes in both men and women frames, and adult and kid sizes — and the versatility doesn’t stop there.

Modo comes in every color imaginable, and are one of the few designers that do multi-colored tortoise designs. They also do plastic, metal, rimless, and semi-rimless designs. They have recently come out with Eco-friendly and titanium brands.

The Eco brand is made of recycled and biodegradable materials. By getting a pair, you’re not only helping your self see, you are changing the world one pair of glasses at a time.

The titanium glasses are paper-thin technology. So not only are they hard to break, they are so light its like you aren’t even wearing glasses. And on top of all this, Modo is handmade. Because the frames are made by hand, you are sure to get a great frame that is going to last.

With so many options it can be a little overwhelming at times, but thats what we are here for. Here at Blink, we work hard to get you exactly what you want. And because we want to make sure you get exactly what you want, we carry the many different types of Modo frames, So call us and make your appointment today at 214-865-6266, to pick out your Modo glasses today.

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