Are you looking for new paper thin and light weight eye glasses? Here at Blink Eyecare in Mckinney TX we have just the thing for you! The brand Modo has come out with titanium eye glasses that will make you forget that you have your eye glasses on! And on top of being super light weight, these frames are also very stylish! Modo eye glasses come in several different bright colors and styles to match anyone’s personal taste. If you are trying to make a bold statement these eye glasses are something you need to check out! But if you like your eye glasses to have a more sophisticated or conservative look you can find that in the collection as well. Modo eye glasses have something for everyone’s style and taste!
Modo also makes frames that are made of completely recycled materials! Here at Blink Eyecare we are happy to introduce the ECO kids frame line! These eye glasses come in several fun colors and shapes that kids and parents alike will love! And the best part of this eye glasses line is that they are also environmentally friendly! Just like the titanium frames these kids glasses are also very light weight, and extremely durable!
If you or any one in your family are tired of heavy eye glasses weighing on their nose, come check out our Modo frames! Or if you’re ready to update your  current frames come in and pick out a new pair of eye glasses to compliment your personal taste! Call us today at 214-865-6266 to set up an appointment time with our optician to help you frame style and pick out the perfect eye glasses for you!
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