School is just around the corner and many McKinney parents have been bringing their children in for pediatric eye exams. When asking parents about how they believe their children’s vision is, many tell me that their child passed the vision screening at school, the pediatrician, etc.

While vision screenings are helpful in identifying children who are having problems seeing, they cannot be relied on to give the same thorough details about a child’s vision, much less the health of their eye.

Pediatric eye exams not only look at the child’s visual abilities, the optometrist also is able to assess the health of the eye where many problems may arise. Unlike vision screenings, pediatric eye exams do not work on a pass/fail basis, tests are being administered by trained or certified personnel and the testing equipment is usually more advanced in technology.

At a pediatric eye exam, we take into consideration the health of our patient but a family health history as well, we are also able to used specialized tests to look for signs of color blindness, near or farsightedness and depth perception. If further, even more specialized testing is necessary, we are able to help our patients by either conducting them in office or referring them to one of our trusted doctors.

The greatest difference between a screening and pediatric eye exam is that Dr. Gaddis has the required training needed to make a diagnosis, and more importantly, prescribe whatever treatment may be necessary.

A good way to look at it is by comparing it to a blood pressure measurement. If your results are within a normal range, that’s great, but it cannot indicated if you have other health problems. To find that out, you would have to go to a specialized doctor.

Pediatric eye exams are exceedingly important because vision impairments can hinder a child’s ability to learn and do well in school.

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