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Children’s Eyeglasses McKinney, TX

McKinney, Texas, schools out and you know what that means? It’s a great time to get your kids’ eyes checked! And why wouldn’t you want to get their eyes checked when its Kids See Free Month at Blink! Because eye issues are usually associated with adults, people don’t realize kids also have constantly changing vision. And with this changing vision, they need eyeglasses too. Thats why July is...


Eyeglass Frames

When choosing eyeglass frames at Blink Eyecare in McKinney Texas it can be a wonderfully fun, educational and entertaining experience. At Blink Eyecare in McKinney Texas, looking for the perfect Eyeglass Frames doesn’t have to be challenging.

It’s important that you chose an eyeglass frame that you will love to wear. Choosing an Eyeglass Frame that will work well with your prescription and...


Modo Brand Eye Glasses McKinney TX

Are you looking for new paper thin and light weight eye glasses? Here at Blink Eyecare in Mckinney TX we have just the thing for you! The brand Modo has come out with titanium eye glasses that will make you forget that you have your eye glasses on! And on top of being super light weight, these frames are also very stylish! Modo eye glasses come in several different bright colors and styles to...


Eye Test McKinney, TX

McKinney, TX, have you been in for your eye test his year? Many people aren’t aware of the importance of having an annual eye test. Here at Blink we have a two part test.

The first part involves Dr. Gaddis assessing whether or not your eyes need correction by figuring out your personal prescription. That’s the part of the eye test most patients are familiar with.

Many aren’t aware that...


Eye Exams Near Frisco, TX

What is one test you remember doing at your most recent eye exam? Some people remember having to “read the smallest line you can” while others remember the “which lens is more clear? One or two?” test. Every patient I come across, though, always remember that “puff of air” test. At Blink Eyecare near Frisco, TX, our eye exams don’t include the dreaded puff. Instead, we use the latest piece of...


Comprehensive Eye Exam McKinney, TX

Are you having problems seeing objects far away or with driving, and need a comprehensive eye exam? You might have myopia. Myopia is the term for nearsightedness. People with myopia see more clearly when objects are close, while distant objects appear blurred or fuzzy.

Reading and close-up work may be clear, but distance vision is blurry. This happens because light is not going all the way...


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