Emergency Eye Care

emergency eye care blink mckinney texasInjuries, infections, and emergencies, oh my!

So who is going to be the most qualified to treat an eye emergency? An Eye Doctor of course! Even beyond the more extensive knowledge of the eye itself, a lot of this boils down to equipment. Most eye conditions require physically viewing the problem under a high powered microscope called a slit lamp. Take pink eye as an example: all of its symptoms can be caused by bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, an allergic reaction, inflammation, etc, and the only way to know is to physically take a look.

Dedicated eye doctors can usually treat conditions such as infections and injuries much more accurately and quickly as they have the knowledge and equipment to see exactly what they are dealing with. We offer specialty emergency care such as bandage contacts, foreign body removal, and amniotic membranes to promote healing and reduce scarring.