To reduce exposure to UV rays and their effects, we recommend that everyone have a set of sunglasses that can provide at least 98% protection from UVA and UVB rays. While cheaper sunglasses can range from poor to decent UV protection, they cannot approach the clarity of vision and depth of protection of a quality pair that when taken care of can last for years.

Depending on your needs, this can take the form of a dedicated pair of driving glasses to increase comfort and safety, polarized lenses to help you see clearly through glare on water or roads, or lenses that turn into sunglasses outside if you prefer a single versatile pair. No matter what your needs are, our expert opticians can guide you to the best solution for you.


Polarized Lenses

Glare from wet roads, light reflecting off water, and the blinding sun reflecting off windows—all of these things can be both annoying and dangerous. They can also be avoided with polarized sun lenses. These lenses filter out excess environmental glare, thereby reducing eye strain and increasing visibility.

Most glare comes from horizontal surfaces, so polarized lenses are specifically designed to block the horizontally-oriented light. The result is a glare-reduced view of the world. Polarized lenses can make a world of difference for any outdoor enthusiast. Fisherman can eliminate the bright reflections from the water and actually see into the water more easily than with other sunglasses, golfers can see the green
easier, and joggers and bikers can enjoy reduced glare from the road. In addition, drivers can enjoy the safety and comfort that polarized lenses provide while driving.


Sport Glasses

If you play sports, you should keep two things in mind related to your vision: protection and precision. Sports lenses protect the wearer’s eyes. Protective lenses are more resistant to impact than glass or plastic and offer protection for 90% of eye injuries.

Specialized lenses optimize your vision. Depending on your sport, certain lenses are more appropriate than others. Dark, UV protection lenses are great for baseball and other outdoor sports. Golfers can benefit from gray-brown colored lenses which make it easier to outline the course and increase contrast. Sports that encounter either road or water glare greatly benefit from polarized lenses to increase awareness and comfort.